Gimber increased marketing performance through Data Science

The Overview

Gimber produced the first ginger organic concentrated drink with 33% real ginger, BPA-free, reusable glass bottle. Today, they produce several flavours of concentrated ginger in glass bottles and distribute them in almost all north Europe.

The Challenge

When Gimber approached us about improving their sales, they were using a shopify ecommerce platform that was simple to integrate with data analysis tools to analyze the customer base, but shopify itself has some issues when trying to create a multi-language store.

  1. All data were in silos and the customer data were unuseful
  2. Missing in a clear overview of business insights

The Solution

Initially, we created an audit and a tracking assessment dividing Google Analytics in different Views and segmenting the different audiences and breaking them down by countries. In this way the custom segments were starting to gather data from Google Analytics to Google Ads.

After the initial assessment, we completed a deep dive audit blending different sources of data from several marketing channels and internal CRM offline sales. This helped us to understand how to have a better performance with digital advertising where the offline sales accounts are more present on the field.

We defined two different strategies: online and offline-to-local to help the b2b line of sales to sell it better creating branding and localixed performance campaigns.

A more comprehensive list of opportunities across the site and highlighted strategic areas for improvement.

  • Customer Base Improvements: RFM analysis
  • Data Science: Merge different sources to increase and normalize the attributions
  • Supporting Marketing campaigns for increasing tracking signals and ROAS 
  • Blended advanced customer insights for creating custom audiences


As a result of our research driven improvements, Gimber saw an improved sales due to better customer understanding through Looker Studio dashboards.

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