Open up all the tools and tracking, looking into the current situation according to UX design base guidelines, tracking and blended data. We gather and analyze all the insights about your customer base, understanding the churn rate and healthy status.

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We helped mid-level and enterprises achieve their six-figure MRR goal two months ahead of schedule

Through rapid full-funnel experimentation and narrowing acquisition targeting, we were able to scale up an efficient growth marketing process and maintain a healthy LTV/CAC ratio during various stages of growth.

90% of the analytics setups we’ve seen are critically flawed. Our data analytics audit gives you the confidence to make better decisions with data you can trust.

It is possible for integrations or tracking to fail for months before someone notices them, and this can negatively impact your data's validity and accuracy. For example, ecommerce tracking may not be working with a certain payment gateway or Google Analytics filters could be misconfigured.

By performing an analytics audit, you will be able to identify these issues so you can fix them quickly. Additional benefits of analytics audits include:

  • The customer experience has been improved
  • Faster identification of business opportunities
  • Using accurate data to make business decisions
  • Increasing the accuracy of reporting and forecasting

What will my audit look like?

In addition to auditing your implementation and ensuring your data is trustworthy, we can identify additional data you need. Audits should be conducted every 6-12 months depending on the size of the shop.

Our audit helps you identify any shortcomings in your data quality, such as a broken setup, a misconfigured integration, missing data sources, or anything else that may skew your data.

  • Do I have all the data I need?
  • Is the data I'm collecting reliable?
  • Is there anything broken or tracking/reporting incorrectly? If so, why?

1 - Kick-off Meeting

In the kick-off phase, our analytics consultants run a measurement workshop to identify your business goals and reporting needs.

2 - The Audit

Every data analytics audit will include a report with the current state of your implementation, including all relevant settings, comparisons, and checks performed. We’ll review the configuration and validity of your data in your core analytics platform such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

We can also audit any tag management tools, A/B testing tools, user behavior analysis tools, and custom data pipelines.

3 - Implement & configure analytics setups

We help you and the team to prioritize the experiments based on business importance/needs. We focus on tracking events in marketing platforms and give you a guide to share with your development team to fix them.

We'll make your GDPR compliance and Google Analytics 4 ready as well!

4 - Custom Dashboard in GA4

We create customized, real-time dashboards (or close to real-time) so you can make faster business decisions.

Our expertise

We have worked alongside mid-level and enterprise companies for more than 10 years – we know the problems and opportunities that lie in marketing campaigns and e-commerce.

Our team is made up of people with relevant experiences and certifications of their skills.

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Average clients' annual growth rate with us.
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our programs.
Increased in new customers acquired by sales and lead
Average Conversion Rate Increased

We value our clients as partners and grow along their side

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