HiNelson added 150% in sales through data-driven marketing automations

The Overview

HiNelson.com is the #1 e-commerce in boating accessories sales with over 45,000 boating and fishing products. It is a young team, who with their entrepreneurial astuteness, are innovating bit by bit what works poorly in this industry and bringing it into the 21st century.

One of the important values they are proposing is to shorten the sales chain and to achieve lower costs.

The Challenge

The ability of a shop to make repeat purchases from existing customers leads to constant growth.

The Solution

By analysing the customer base with an RFM analysis, we were able to group customers into 11 segments and then analyze individual purchase behavioural peculiarities. Having created a map of the customer base, we created the preconditions to bring customers with a single sale to the groups with a higher purchase frequency.

The game was to take people from one group to the other to allow the business to scale as fast as possible.


We delivered a successful strategy that deliver a significant uplift in terms of frequency and sales in less 6 months.

+35% in repeating sales

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