Growth Program

Growth Program

According to HBR, a 5% increase in customer retention leads to 25% - 95% more profit
Growth Program

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What is the Growth Program?

Whether you just started with a Shopify store or are about to compete with Amazon, we've got you covered. With some of our frameworks customized toward eCommerce, we partnered with several online brands over the years.As a result, we can help you with top-funnel activities to lower your customer acquisition costs, increase your conversion rate on your check-out page or help you with your overall business challenges to find new markets.


Customer acquisition is one of the hardest challenges startups face

If you take:

  • Hundreds of marketing channels and tactics to test, define and focus
  • The channels you used to get traction aren’t scaling or producing consistent results.
  • The sales you're able to produce are unprofitable, and you can't afford to scale your efforts.

and your options aren’t great

  • Searching for content on your own can be tedious and time-consuming. If you don't have an expertise in growth, determining which information to trust can be difficult.
  • Purchasing a course can be dissatisfying as the curriculums are often lengthy, dull and do not explain how to achieve results rapidly.
  • Hiring marketers or agencies: employing marketers or agencies may seem like the ideal solution, but it involves considerable expenditure monthly, with some prioritizing bigger customers over start-ups and thus not delivering the most effective outcomes.

We'll help build a growth engine to acquire new customers and grow revenue continuously, without headache of managing a marketing agency because we're consistently autonomous to achieve sales goals with no excuse.

With the Growth Program, you’ll:

  • Get your growth engine in as little as six weeks, to grow faster than other services
  • Find scalable marketing channel for your products: we test everything through our marketing frameworks which consist to create tons of experiments of product messaging, audiences and channels to discover the best ads and retentions tactics for your business.
We assurance results, on quarterly basis

So, you not need only a way to consistently acquire customers, but have a solid structured retention strategy — we call this a “growth engine.”

To generate new customers at scale, a growth engine combines scalable marketing channels, irresistible product messaging, and a high-converting funnel.

The key benefits of the growth program:

  • Meaningful growth: Get a constant and predictable flow of customers to grow revenue.
  • Profitability and efficiency: Acquire customers profitably so you can reinvest back into your engine.
  • Peace of mind: Have confidence knowing you're prioritizing the right initiatives.
  • Focus: Most companies scale using only one growth channel. You'll be able to align your team and resources around the highest-leverage strategy for your company, freeing you up to run the rest of your business.

How will it look like? 

The tactics and strategies we’ll roll out in this program are based on strong data analysis on your historical data. We divide e-commerce that are growing than the one in early stage, adapting the strategy and tactics.

Explore your market

Analyzing competitors, keywords and trends we'll give a landscape of the scenario and the context we're going to dive into. We'll study the peculiarities of the market to make you able to find the right turning key to scale it up faster than others.

  • Find your ideal problem-solution fit
  • Qualitative customer research & interviews
  • Map out the desired customer journey

Data Analysis and Assessment

The data science play a main role in our marketing strategy: to create a sustainable growth and be adherent to reality we need to take into consideration real KPIs of the business.

  • Build, test & launch a matrix test
  • Find and acquire new customers that fits better than your new goals
  • A go to market plan with a proven process

Ongoing Managing Campaigns

Specific Frameworks define each step we developed to cover all the cases we encountered in our 15 years of experience (and it keeps growing day by day). 10% budget experiments to find out new audiences and increase sales by discovering hidden niches and complementary audiences.

Gaining knowledge is the source of power that drives your development system. Having more understanding about your customers puts you in a stronger position to devise products they love, craft messages that resonate with them, and identify new marketing channels to reach them.

Quarterly Business Reviews & Optimization On-Going

We'll show you the most profitable results and stream we'll add to your business and what we shut down.

  • Overview of experiments and Business KPIs
  • Retrospective: customers, merchandising and marketing campaigns
  • Next Sprint activities

What services are included?

In all services are included accounting, managing, creation and optimization on-going of tasks – to achieve extraordinary goals we need to manage everything possible to be fast with experimentations and testing. Creative assets are totally outside of our control: photo shooting, video creations, 3d modelling.

Top-funnel activities

Our multidisciplinary teams work on customer acquisition to fuel your top-funnel growth, onboard them, and remove all friction in activation.

  • Improve your paid social channels
  • Optimize your CAC and media spend
  • Increase leads, signups & conversions

Mid-funnel analytics

We work on retaining your paying customers for increasing sales and activate a growth engine on your e-commerce.

  • Improve your activation & user onboarding
  • Optimize your landing pages & experience
  • Increase CLTV & average revenue per user

Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Blending data sources, normalize all insights and events to integrate all in a single Business Intelligence that we provide for free in our programs. The dashboard will allow you to see, track and drill down into different angles of your business, analyze the hidden views, or discover new opportunities with our consultancy.

  • Improve your data & tooling setup
  • Optimize your customer journey tracking
  • Predict & model future profits on the fly

Accumulating customer purchasing and navigation behaviour over time provides compounding, sustainable benefits that enable success in the long run. To acquire these learnings, an experimentation system is necessary.

With this program, we will provide all our experience and techniques applied thousands of times to research methods such as user surveys, session recordings and funnel analysis. Additionally, our experimentation process gives guidance on how to translate knowledge into testable hypotheses, build growth experiments and analyse the results of your tests for those all-important insights.

Our expertise

We have worked alongside mid-level and enterprise companies for more than 10 years – we know the problems and opportunities that lie in marketing campaigns and e-commerce.

Our team is made up of people with relevant experiences and certifications of their skills.

Some of our successful KPIs we did last year

Average clients' annual growth rate with us.
New revenue generated by
our programs.
Increased in new customers acquired by sales and lead
Average Conversion Rate Increased

We value our clients as partners and grow along their side

Start growing this year with our proven framework