Jolie increased their sales performance by x2,5 in the last 1,5 years.

“Thanks to Growth Marketing, we have significantly improved our domain authority, e-commerce sales and new users.”
Andrea Angelino
Business Owner

The Overview

Jolie Profumerie is an Italian perfumes retailer focused on niche high-end perfumes with an offline and online business.

The Challenge

When Jolie approached us about improving their sales, we established a correct investment scale, improved the usability of the data through the correct management of the tracking pixels and made it compliant with the GDPR. We rolled out a data-driven strategy with a successful and record-breaking Q4 21, thanks to conversion adjustment and switched to Value Bidding, decreasing CAC cost.

We supported Jolie by: identify growth opportunity using WildCat and defining the strategy as follow: we structured leveraging on the e-commerce framework by Uncap Search and Shopping Budgets to increase click share vs competitors, focus on prospecting, launching Discovery + Video campaigns leveraging on defined target audiences and implement Performance Max campaigns with focus on Online Sales and Website Traffic Goals.

The Solution

Increase and optimize all the tracking on the platform (Prestashop) and focussing attention on migrating the business on an enterprise e-commerce cloud solution: Big Commerce. We worked on sending advanced signals to marketing platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.) and tweaking the UX design.

The most common issues we found about UX were font size too small, no visual commerce, problems in lack of information on the product page and checkout issues. Therefore, we worked on a continuous conversion optimization process after the normalization process that consisted of six recurrent steps. The first is an in-depth analysis, which usually starts with the data from Google Analytics and with qualitative research. At this stage, we choose the area with the highest optimization potential and form hypotheses for A/B tests.

After choosing the elements for testing, we made wireframes and then, based on them, we worked on UX correction based on qualitative data (survey and navigation analysis). We rolled out a matrix test experiment to find the best to scale and add a new revenue stream. Every change in the conversion rate, AOV and important metrics is carefully and continuously analyzed to be fast to avoid pains and business issues.

These steps are repeated and create a continuous optimization process. As a result, the shop continuously changes and meets customers’ expectations.


+97,38% Sales YoY

+87,94% Transactions YoY

+40,59% Conversion Rate from Desktop devices

+83.66% Unique Page Views

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