Data Analysis

Data Analysis

A simple BI with the friendly UX and integrated tooling to let your company explore data on their own.
Data Analysis

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The turnkey to take advantage on competitors is the knowledge

What my data analysis looks like?

We analyze all tracked events and data sources, blending all of them into a data lake to enlighten issues or weakness of your business. The analysis will give you the exact points where you're gifting sales to your competitors.

Thanks to our data scientist you'll have a clear overview and position in the market of your business and you'll drill down into data in the different area: merchandising, customers or marketing campaigns to discover hidden opportunities.

The Business Intelligence we create will have a stream of data that continuously pulling data and analyze new signals gathered from marketing campaigns, sales and tracking events in real time, with zero data loss.

We transforms raw data silos into clean business KPIs. creating Business Intelligence dashboards to drill down into data.

What could be a roadmap of that and how it takes?

We have strong partnership with several data integrator best in class, most of the time we'll ingest all your sources easily and quickly: we calculate the time to be ready with your business intelligence is 45 days.

The main phases of the process of creations are: 

  • Assessment: analyze all data sources and linking all of them in the data integrator
  • Review: we analyze all data pulled for drive the right values and compose the dashboard that fits best your needs
  • Setup the data-stream: make sure that everything is working fine and all data signals are pulled properly from the sources
  • Training: we'll train your team, on how discover opportunities and get answers of business questions

Our expertise

We have worked alongside mid-level and enterprise companies for more than 10 years – we know the problems and opportunities that lie in marketing campaigns and e-commerce.

Our team is made up of people with relevant experiences and certifications of their skills.

Some of our successful KPIs we did last year

Average clients' annual growth rate with us.
New revenue generated by
our programs.
Increased in new customers acquired by sales and lead
Average Conversion Rate Increased

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