Main Benefits: Improve customer experience (CXO), Increase Sales

Different Programs different needs

According to HBR, a 5% increase in customer retention leads to 25% - 95% more profit

Fully Managed

We analyze, build and roll out strategies and tactics to add new revenue streams at your business.

One-Time Audit

Analyze your customer base orders and create a custom Data Studio Dashboard where you can read all insights along the time.

One-Time Setup

Analyze and create a set of activities to roll out and give you the tools to go ahead with a retention program in-house.


Revenue split partnership, a mix of percentage and fixed cost – Less risk for you, higher reward for us.

What is the retention program?

Fully Managed
– Data Analysis: Our team collects and processes any type of data from any type of system in real time, with zero data loss. We transforms raw data silos into clean business KPIs. creating Business Intelligence dashboards to drill down into data.

– Research Process Review: We analyze your data gathering practices for both quantitative and qualitative data gathering.

– Experimentations: align your UX Design to segment standard and create tons of experiments per quarter to increase sales statistically valid and relevant.

– Report quarterly to show you the most profitable results and stream we'll add to your business and what we shut down – what your customers want and won't
One-Time Audit
Data Analysis: we conduct a business goal mapping exercise and review how these relate to the experimentation program goals.
One-Time Setup
– Audit & Analysis Process: Open up all the tools and tracking, looking into the current situation according to UX design base guidelines, tracking and blended data. We gather and analyze all the insights about your customer base, understanding the churn rate and healthy status.

– Blending Data & Advanced Tracking:  The 90% of Google Analytics is wrongly setup and we expected to fix your too, blending data and creating in case it needs all custom dimensions and metrics in order to gather and evaluate better all the insights. We work strictly with math and scientific process, gather the right and consistent data is the first step to create strategy and tacticts that works better. Creating custom audiences & LAL in an advanced way: matrix combination – Increase Signals: in marketing platforms to overcome with higher performance

– Ongoing Managing Campaigns: we mainly work on testing several stuff to give you all the availability and insights to proceed autonomously. We launch tons of testing campaigns in several channels understanding what works or not for which audience (audience testing campaigns, promo campaigns, testing value proposition).
It's the Fully Managed service but we usually balance the risk and the profits with you, dividing the consultancy cost into fixed fee and mixed with a percentage fee on revenue.

What we do.

Using RFM analysis and K-Means algorithms, we analyze your customer base and roll out a strategic plan based on data.

Retention Program

Loyalty Program

RFM Analysis

K-Means Algorithm

ML Analysis

Customer Behaviours

Merchandising Mix

Customer Segmentation

Ongoing Personalization

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We improve your conversion rate, turning more visitors into buyers.


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Frequently Asking Questions

What is the Retention Program?
Businesses often get the majority of their revenue and profit from a small percentage of visitors or customers. Those are the customers that buy frequently or subscribe to more expensive plans for longer.

With a retention model, you can identify such customers and detect traits of future high-value customers. Retention modelling helps you gather the necessary data to measure and act on metrics such as lifetime value and retention so that you can reap the rewards of a loyal customer base.
How do you conduct retention analysis?
We start by validating your current customer data sources to ensure all the necessary data is being tracked and trustworthy. Then, we push and pull all this data into a data warehouse for more advanced analysis. It's all about finding patterns and correlations that high-value customers have in common.
Do you provide Email Marketing creation?
Yes, but not creativity (images, gifs and videos). Email marketing is a critical part of any successful digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is one of the best channels for earning business leads and delivering on your business goals. A well-curated customer mailing list with strong subject lines and compelling email messages can increase the lifetime value of your customers substantially.
How many emails do you recommend sending each month?
Many large businesses try to email their customer bases weekly, whether with email newsletters, welcome email, or anything else. These emails can increase customer loyalty and keep your prospects engaged with your brand. They remind them to visit your site for seasonal initiatives, product updates, and more reasons. If users interact regularly, the number of emails can increase considerably. Developing and implementing a robust email automation program and email strategy with dynamically triggered emails and strong content is a great way to personalize your relationship with your audiences.
Who is the owner of what you create?
You are, and you'll have full control over everything even if we don't work together in the future.
How often will I be updated?
You'll have direct access to project status with what's happening today and tomorrow + ongoing meetings and reports. In addition, we usually create a simple reading Data Studio Dashboard to make you able to understand how the stuff is currently going on.
Do you integrate with other tools?
We do; tell us which ones. If there aren't native connections, then we have other ways to launch your conversion experiments.
How much do you cost?
It depends on your exact needs and what your goals are as well. For example, more resources will be needed if you want to run more experiments. It usually starts from 3.500€ monthly.
Do you provide a deep analysis about Customer Base Behaviors? 
We run an RFM analysis as a first step and a qualitative tracking to understand the current match between your merchandising and customers acquired. For "Fully Managed" contracts, we usually provide advanced tools to drill down into data and advanced solutions about your customer base willing or showing the most probability bundle product creation for a specific customer segments.

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