Main Benefits: Increase revenue (CRO), Improve customer experience (CXO),
Increase AOV and Frequency

Different Programs different needs

According to HBR, a 5% increase in customer retention leads to 25% - 95% more profit

Fully Managed

Create a roadmap of research customer value process and experiments that we roll out and manage all the time.

One-Time Audit

Analyze and prioritize all the key points that don't work and give you less revenue.

One-Time Setup

We create roadmap research and give you the tools we use to make you able to work alone.


Revenue split partnership, a mix of percentage and fixed cost – Less risk for you, a higher reward for us.

What is the CVO program?

Fully Managed
– Data Analysis: Our team collects and processes any type of data from any type of system in real time, with zero data loss. We transforms raw data silos into clean business KPIs. creating Business Intelligence dashboards to drill down into data.

– Research Process Review: We analyze your data gathering practices for both quantitative and qualitative data gathering.

– Experimentations: align your UX Design to segment standard and create tons of experiments per quarter to increase sales statistically valid and relevant.

– Report quarterly to show you the most profitable results and stream we'll add to your business and what we shut down – what your customers want and won't
One-Time Audit
Data Analysis: we conduct a business goal mapping exercise and review how these relate to the experimentation program goals.
One-Time Setup
We'll build your CRO foundation and arm you with the tools. Then, share with you the power of experimentations and statistically relevant concept.
Longer-Term CRO revenue agreement where we charge based on uplifts percentage increase.

What we do.

A simple list of Conversion Improvements You'll Never Have To Think Twice About Again.

Conversion Driven

Multivariate Testing

FAQ Hierarchy Usage

Intent Considerations

Qualitative Analysis

Device Conversion

Bounce Rate Reductions

Behaviour Analysis

Heatmap Analysis

We have more success stories
then other agencies have clients.

We improve your conversion rate, turning more visitors into buyers.


Increased Retention Rate
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Purchasing Frequency


YoY Increased Conversion Rate
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YoY Increased Sales
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YoY Increased Sales


MoM Increased CR

Frequently Asking Questions

Should I need a Conversion Value Optimization (CVO) Program?
Customer Value Optimization (CVO) is the process of creating an incredible customer journey and maximizing the ROI for all marketing activities. It focuses on optimizing the customer lifecycle to improve brand and loyalty—and create customers for life.

Most of what CVO does is create value and help customers find solutions to their problems. CVO is about figuring out what people want and how they want it and then delivering the right solutions. It's about better marketing and business growth through personalization and adding value.
What is the difference between Conversion Rate Optimization and Customer Value Optimization?
The main difference between Customer Value Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization lies within the marketer's mindset. The tools and technologies used are mostly the same. Any technology can be used for good or bad. E-commerce is no different.

Most CRO tools were invented with harmless intentions. Some marketers and companies use CRO tools properly. But unfortunately, short-term revenue pressures and self-appointed marketing gurus have led CRO users down the wrong path.
Do I need to sign a contract?
When it comes to conversion rate optimization, it takes consistent, focused effort to hit statistical significance and determine winners and losers. For that reason, we do require some level of commitment.
How long is the contract?
Consulting, setup, management, or performance-based relationships all have different expectations. For example, setup can be a one-time project and performance could be a longer-term partnership immediately.

For example, if you're bleeding money and it's an easy fix, we can improve that within a day. However, if we set bigger goals with you, we will usually recommend at least a timeline of 6 months to work together.
Do you integrate with other tools?
We do; tell us which ones. If there aren't native connections, then we have other ways to launch your conversion experiments. Whether it be an analytics tool, CRO tool, or optimization tool, we are happy to work with them to give you better visibility.
How much do you cost?
It depends on your exact needs and what your goals are as well. For example, more resources will be needed if you want to run more experiments.
How much research do you do?
Enough to be confident in our results. We'll focus on a mix of both quantitative and qualitative research. We build marketing strategies, check load times, A/B test content, perform CRO tests, check your target audiences, practice segmentation, check usability, and much more to ensure your conversion optimization is spot on and boosts conversions. The bottom line is that we don't do anything without thoroughly researching every aspect of it so that you can get the best results.

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